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One of my favourite things about summer is the fact that it allows us to add just a few more additions into our accessory table: sunglasses ♥ ♥
I seriously love everything about sunglasses, I mean what’s there not to like about them?
♥If you’re in a hurry and have no time to do your makeup, sunglasses will come to your rescue. They work as a great accessory and although it may seem as a tiny detail, they can bring an entirely different view to your look.

At the moment I have become obsessed with big round framed sunglasses! They are super cute, remind me of the 80’s style and just look awesome. And the best part about them is that they would go to absolutely every look: jeans, dress, skirt, you name it! They could even go with sweatpants, tee and a hair knot!


Kylie Jenner Glasses



Time is all we’ve got, yet we have no time at all.

It’s strange how people, when busy with life, we want more time, yet when we have it, we don’t know what to do with it. It’s like we have become so used to never having time for anything that we have forgotten what it’s like to actually have some “freetime”. I am now officially looking for another job, hopefully at a place fashion oriented: clothes, makeup etc.

Luckily, I’ve already gotten some interviews set and hopefully, if I play the cards right, I’ll have my dream job.
I have applied for a makeup store, but I am super nervous for the interview, as it is not the usual conversation kind of interview… but more like an exam, where they give you a model and you’re supposed to apply their makeup, i.e. show my skills. This is when I realized that I may not be ready. You see, it is something entirely different when you do your own makeup or your friends’, but doing it when someone is watching you…. it just freaks me out.

The worst part is that this is something I’d really love to do. Oh well, enough boredom, will post some of my latest purchases tomorrow!


Mac’s Masterclass brushes: When progress means going back in time

OFF AND ONTOPIC: Have you ever realised that as time passes by we tend to go or at least have the deep desire to go back and live by ways as in the old days? I often notice that the old days used to be better in many ways; the way people used to live, we were not introduced to the highly improved technology, we were not addicted to our Iphones and computer’s all day long…… despite the fact that this technology has only been here for a few decades, it may seem to us as something we could not live without, when not as far as to our older generation, made it without them. And to be honest, I think we are better off without them – at least to the non addictive kind of way….

This post was initially intented to be merely about Mac’s new Masterclass brushes, but I got off track…. well not excactly. You see, Mac has launched this new set of brushes, which are entirely different than those ever seen before. HEADS UP: They may come off odd at first glance, but make sure to watch the video below as the blogger behind “makeupanbeautyblog” reveals the secrets and tricks of these brushes, while visiting a makeup artist at a MAC PRO store in San Francisco,





Michael Kors @ apple store; nearly 50% OFF!

I just stopped by to let those girls obsessed with Michael Kors bags know that Apple Store is now cooperating with Michael Kors, by which they have produced Michael Kors Jet – Set bags with a pocket for Mac laptops inside and for only half the price!

The price in Norway is about 3000,-kr in stores. These do not include the laptop pocket, however at Apple the same bag (pocket included) costs only 1690,-kr and 2190,-kr! The differences in price is due to the different sizes of the pockets; 11 and 15 inches (tommer). The size of the bag itself however is identical.

They come in four colours: red, black, camel brown and grey.



Can be purchased at Apple Store (adlink).

“Over – knee” boots

As the days grow darker, we may at times feel less motivated to dress over “the top”, but a very simple, yet elegant and sexy accessory are boots over knee! I have personally adored these for years, and I got myself my first pair about 2 years ago. They are as good as new, a bit slippery, but they make an outfit so much more gorgeous than they would be otherwise. Just take a look!:



My favourites are absolutely Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham, so chic!


Do you like “over – knee” boots?


My package is finally here! I have been waiting for a month…. ( –> express shipping next time… lesson learned). 

Since this was my first time to purchase something from SheInSide, I must say I was very sceptical at first and wondered if whether the quality of the product would be as I imagined. It did NOT! To my suprise it turned out to be better than I could imagine! The lace is super soft and feels very comfy when putting it on. And the silky fabric under it just feels amazing! I L-O-V-E IT! Honest words. I will defenitely keep shopping there! I’ve already got some products on my wishlist….. super high expectations you guys!

Take a look:


Can be bought here (adlink) Can be found in black here (adlink).
The price is about $ 27, ca. 140 kr, however as a first time buyer, I recieved 20% OFF! Yes, you heard me, if you log in through your facebook account you will get 20% OFF!!!!! EXCITED? I know! I just simply am amazed, can’t wait to wear my top tomorrow! Maybe I’ll throw in some pictures aswell….. despite the fact that this blog is not inteded to show my outfits, but merely my inspiration shared with you. However, this will inspire fashionista’s, as I know we all have those days when we stare at our closet as if it were empty, while in reality it is filled with clothes… and no inspiration, NADA.


Anyways, I’ll tune in soon again, to show you my new runner shoes! LOVE EM’!

Have any of you ever ordered from SheInSide?


♥ I did not forget about you….. I just postponed remembering you ♥


This would seem to be too “typical” kind of a blogger to excuse my absence and since I am not typical there will be no excuses.

I have still been busy with studies, exams … and some other boring stuff as well – I really feel the jealousy around my lifestyle flowing in the air… just sayin’.

The winter is right around the corner and I am sitting here in my room, sorrounded by papers, books, tee, books and did I mention more books? Amazing day, if you ask me. Hard to beat mine? You bet!

In the mean time I have to share some new goodies with you this weekend: a package, that has finally arrived from SheInSide! Also, I will be posting a daily basic makeup routine on Sunday with my beauties  



By the way, guys, I have quit going to the Gym in my area, as it was too expensive for a person that barely has time to get her lazy body in there in hectic days, so I decided to quit. So, instead, I made a workout plan for me yesterday and I went through with it! And damn, it felt good  LOVE IT! Got to keep doing this!

 Hugs and kisses 

SkinCare: Dr. Hauschka’s Basic Must – Haves

The cold days are right around the corner (as if they were not cold enough already) and we must make sure to get in the basic products into our SkinCare routine. On that notice, I will be giving you beauties a recommendation from the very well known Dr. Hauschka, founded by the Austrian chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. This brand was founded back in 1960’s in Germany and has been used by people all around the world ever since. They are famous for one main reason: the use of pure natural ingridients, and nothing else.

I, personally, am a huge fan of natural products, as I think it is extremely important to keep your skin healthy and young for as long as possible.

Anyways, since I am completely new to Dr. Hauschka I grabbed two basic products that I needed for my combination skin for the cold winter:
Day Cream (3 x testers): SONY DSC
One of the very few I have tried that does not leave a greasy result on my skin. Very light on skin, leaving skin super soft. The shops selling these products have testers available for those unfamiliar with the various products. I got mine at Life store. I liked the cream, as it has been very gentle and kind to my skin. Whether I choose to purchase this product or not will be decided as soon as the testers are finished (halfway there!).

Facial oil (can be used as a subsitute for your daily cream):
As previously mentioned I have a combination skin (oily T-zone), which made me sceptic to this product to begin with, but the packaging caught my attention, saying “for impurities” and “balances skin” – PERFECT! But is oil really good for somebody that already has oily T-zone?
Well, I will tell you this: If oily skin becomes TOO dry, it produces even more oil, because it recieves the signal of that it needs to produce more. This is why, people, we must be careful when using products that dry out our skin, and we must not believe that if our skin is oily, that we can simply skip day cream / facial oil and go on with our days……. this will result in even more impuruties.

So, in order to avoid that, we must make sure to keep our skin hydrated. And with this oil, 2-3 drops are more than enough! I barely use 2 drops for my t – zone, and maybe a few more on my drier areas, especially during the cold. The oil is absorbed into the skin nicely, no greasy results… I promise!

Have you tried Dr. Hauschka’s products before?

♥ SheInSide Wants ♥

Uten navn//Grey V – long sweater // Green blouse // Faux- fur vest (perfect with a black/brown belt!) // Houndstooth cardigan // Jeans and a hoodie jacket // Purple sweater // Lace blouse // Houndstooth peplum top // Team Paris pyjama jumpsuit //

♥Hello and a GOOD MORNING to YOU!♥
I am up early and decided to share my little “WANTS-LIST” from SheInSide. I already have a little package on the way, and since this is my first purchase, I am super excited to see if it reaces my expectations, which I am sure it will!

Have you beauties purchased from SheInSide before?

♥ !Wishing you all a wonderful day! ♥